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Mercedes-Benz 190 1.8 E Basic

Mercedes-Benz 190 1.8 E Basic

Brilliant Mercedes-Benz 190E 1.8, commissioned by the customer to sell.

In the years 80 of the last century, Mercedes-Benz wanted to move toward a rejuvenating brand image. Why? Because it was found that the average age of the BMW rider was lower than that of the Mercedes-Benz rider. Not much, 1,4 years on average but still enough to take action was found. In addition, BMW already had a model series under the 5 series and Mercedes-Benz under the E-class (the then W123). The result, as expected from Mercedes-Benz at the launch of a new model, had to be stunning. A sporty model with a driving dynamics that fans of Mercedes-Benz were looking for in vain at that time. It was therefore unique to be able to add these characteristics, sportiness and driving dynamics, to the long line brand-CV.

The completely newly developed “Raumlenker” rear axle alone has been developing for 15 years and at the expense of development money, the same thing was developed for a completely new model at that time. No less than 5 suspension arms per wheel were the guarantee of optimal road contact under both sporty and comfort-oriented excursions. Initially delivered with the improved 2 liter engine with carburetor or Bosch KE-jetronic injection system and later extended with the 2.3, 2.6, 2.3-16 engine variants with petrol as a consumer and 190D, 190D 2.5 and 190D 2.5 turbo as diesel variants. For the sports top model 190E 2.3-16, we sought to work with the English Cosworth, manufacturer of sporty cylinder heads and dito engines.

569 / 2000 The previous owner has had this 190E 1.8 in his possession since 2003 and, witness the state of the car, cloudy and treats very well! Featuring the typical years 90 options. Rear spoiler, handlebar boot, grillee, mat set and screen edges make this 190E 1.8 a very special and typical 90 190E 1.8! Drives great and everything works. Hasn't gone away because he didn't want anything, no, after 18 years you want something different… now ready to enter a new phase of driving pleasure for a new lover. A purist, of lover, for lover!

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Specifications Mercedes-Benz 190 1.8 E Basic

1.8 E Basic
Mileage read
222.097 km
First registrations date
17th of April 1992
Exterior color
Interior color
Number of Cylinder
Cylinder capacity
Engine Power kw
Engine Power hp
Manual Transmittion
Number of gears
Number of doors
Number of keys available
MOT on delivery
Price € 4.250,-
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